Direct Marketing 


For a college assignment, we were challenged by Freedom Concepts Inc. to design a direct mail piece that would get non-profit organizations and charities within their target audience to pick up the phone and call one of their company representatives.

They also challenged us to create an e-blast using MailChimp that would get people to purchase their new product, The Defier bike.


I designed the mailer as a flip-through booklet to make it engaging. By using emotional, feel-good imagery and messaging, I sparked interest in the reader. I encouraged them to flip through all the content to find out what the final message was.

I designed the e-blast to have a labeled image of the new product to clearly show off its features. I wrote in simple language and friendly tone to reflect the client’s approachable brand.


The client enjoyed the direct mailer’s concept and said the design was excellent.They also approved of the e-blast, saying it clearly spoke to their consumer, had strong headlines and good usage of links.

Direct Mailer