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Please, watch your step.

This place is cluttered with ideas & half empty coffee mugs. Let me hang your coat up. I'll put a fresh pot on. 


What I Do 

I flow from one idea to the next, becoming more excited with every word, colour, and feeling. I've found multiple ways to use my creative strengths in ways that help the people around me. From family photoshoots at the park, to building complete brands, my mission is to stay inspired. 


My bold imagination and strong work ethic deliver clients with results that are both exciting and successful. Let's get started.

I can put it into words. You can put those words on to your landing page, in the headline of your e-blast, or up on a billboard. 

Since 2013, I've photographed for more than 50 clients who have all taught me something about love, beauty, and honesty. People say I have an eye, but I hope my photos show I have a heart too.  

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Who I Am

How much can one person create? I'll let you know. 

Cass Cardy Winnipeg Writer

My mom read all of the Anne of Green Gables books back in the seventies when people got books for Christmas and sewed their own jeans.

Thirty years later, she had me. It was only right that she gave her only daughter, who was somehow born with auburn hair, the middle name of Anne - spelled with an “e”.

The chances of me growing up to be a writer just like Anne were slim, but I did, which is why you’re here.

I grew up in a yard squeezed between the Yellowhead Highway and the railway tracks where I was best known for writing sappy songs and cooking bacon cheese dogs at the drive-in.

Ideas and words are my thing and from a young age, I was always playing with them; Rhyming sentences to the strum of my guitar, taking pictures of my friends in abandoned houses, and writing blogs that make even the shyest Facebook friend say, “I like that thing you wrote about that time you ate fries in Belgium.”

These days, I write more taglines than songs. It would be a waste not to offer my bubbling stream of ideas and words to beautiful brands that have stories to tell.

You can find me at home listening to 30s swing band playlists on Spotify, writing a letter to my grandma, or designing the cover of a book I have yet to write. If I’m not there, check a thrift store. You can always find a version of me @casscardy on Instagram.

People say I paint a picture when I write, but if I’ve learned anything from reading my mom’s Anne of Green Gables books, it’s that reading a good story is nothing like looking at a painted picture. That’s not a very nice thing to say to a writer if you ask me. No offense, painters.

I’m not going to paint a picture for you, but let me show you what I can do.

Let’s work together.

Get used to being a creative because it’s all you’ll ever truly be.
— Leena Norms

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